Automate laboratory equipment easily

The LabBox® is your entry into the digital laboratory. You can easily automate experiments and processes and gain time for more runs:

  • Connect any sensors and devices
  • Freely configure the user interface
  • Define automated experiments
  • Document or export experiment data
  • Unbeatable price-performance 

Laboratory processes on autopilot?

Wouldn' t it be fantastic if you could let your laboratory processes take care of themselves? Watch the video to see how easy you can put your laboratory on autopilot with the LabBox®


No experiment is too simple for automation

Whatever you have in mind – with the LabBox®, all processes can be precisely measured and controlled:

  • Live monitoring of local measured value trends
  • Define PID controllers and if-then relationships
  • Monitor experiments remotely (Microsoft Windows® 10, or Android®)
  • All measured values transferable to other programs

Define batch processes graphically

In the case of repetitive processes, you can easily define batch sequences in graphical mode*. For many functions, preconfigured routines are already available, for example:

  • Temperature ramps
  • Control dosing unit
  • Regulate pH-value
  • Distillation 

* For more than 4 blocks at the same time, you need the HiBatch option

Operate laboratory equipment via a central interface

The LabBox® makes it easy for you to connect and control everything from one interface:

  • Switch valves
  • Define set points
  • Create control loops and cascades quickly and easily
  • Connect devices and controllers seamlessly

Integrate further laboratory equipment

You can connect many other devices such as cameras and microscopes via the IP interfaces of the LabBox®. This allows you to visually monitor and evaluate processes, for example:

  • Single images: "Take a picture every 2 minutes"
  • Video: "Record for 30 minutes if temperature < 70° C" (observe precipitation)
  • Sequence report with time stamps

These interfaces make you flexible

Thanks to the many possible protocols and interfaces of different platforms, you automate your laboratory processes exactly as required. This way, a powerful laboratory automation system is created from many individual elements.

Contains the NAMUR Logo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Information in detail

Read here how you can take a big leap forward with the compact LabBox®. The flyer provides you with all the important information on interfaces, functions and preconfigured processes.

LabBox®-Flyer as PDF

From €2,640 - Your entry into laboratory automation

LabBox® + basic software*: €2,640**

LabBox® + basic software + starter kit: €2,940** 
(incl. Pt100 sensor, 4 x RS-232 cables, adapter and input / output terminal strips)

* Basic software contains: User interfaces, messages, alarms,  measured value visualization and export incl. ten IOs and one PID controller.

**Non-binding introductory prices. Ask us about special conditions for use in public training institutions (schools & universities).

Send us your non-binding inquiry now. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions about the LabBox® or the starter kit and make you an offer for additional accessories and Labor 4.0 software modules.

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The system grows with your requirements

From individual laboratory tests to prototypes and pilot systems to production lines: At HiTec Zang, you will always find the right automation solution for your equipment. And thanks to the broad LabManager® family, your automation solution can grow at any time.


The LabManager® device family comprises automation devices of different sizes, which are modular. Thus, you receive a device with standardized plugs and sockets that is optimally adapted to your needs. The communication with the operating PC takes place via Ethernet or optional RS-232 interface. The robust metal housing of the LabManager® is suitable for free-standing installation and for installation in control cabinets or 19" racks.


The SlimCage automation devices expand the LabManager® family of devices and are ideally suited for portable or fixed installation in fume hoods due to their vertical compact design and IP34 protection. All the advantages of the LabManager® are retained: The modular design enables customized integration, the standardized plug-in connections allow flexible modifications, even during operation.


The DC-Manager is mainly used in plants in the pilot plant or in production. Here, HiTec Zang also offers complete control cabinets incl. safety technology. The DC-Manager is used instead of the LabManagers when the system is hard-wired. The expansion possibilities via standardized LabManager® plug-in technology can be realized flexibly at any time.

HiTec Zang

With its LabManager® research process control system, the internationally operating company has decisively shaped the development of laboratory automation in the chemical and process engineering industry. As an R&D-oriented company, HiTec Zang introduces new products every year. Hardware and software development, as well as customer projects, are carried out by our own interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists. This enables HiTec Zang to react quickly and flexibly to customer requests and market needs.

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